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A noun used to identify a non-related gay male who is regarded as an "honorary uncle" by his friends and their children. Often used as a term of endearment.
"Janie look at this beautiful Tiffany rattle your Guncle Johnny gave you when you were just a baby."

"Janie just got back from a day at the spa with her Guncle Johnny before her senior prom."

"Janie had fantastic centerpieces done by her Guncle Johnny at her wedding reception!"
by GuncleJ May 18, 2009
An Uncle that is gay.
My dads brother, Steve is the coolest Guncle, ever!
by JaxHulk October 15, 2008
A homosexual uncle. Every family usually has one of these.
I talked to my guncle about his commitment ceremony with his long-time boyfriend.
by Chickpea July 09, 2014
A gay uncle. A pair of them is "Guncles."
alt. spelling: Gunkle.
"Hey my uncle is visiting tomorrow."
"Regular uncle or guncle?"
by rararaahahh February 19, 2010
A term used by a family to describe their gay uncle. (mostly behind the uncle's back b/c he may not be out of the closet yet)
My wife's guncle likes to get his bag waxed at the salon.
by spermgurgle July 13, 2005
Guncle is family relative term for a Great Uncle
Uncle Nicky became Guncle Nicky when his niece gave birth to her first child
by Guncle Nicky January 01, 2014
When your grandpa is also your uncle. It happens when his sister is your mother, and his son is your dad.
little boy-Hey ma, is guncle coming over today?
Ma- Yup, haven't seen my brother in ages...
Pops-Yall talkin bout' pa again?
little boy- Guncle is coming over!
by hakunamatata888 March 21, 2011
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