an amazing 3rd person shooter turn based mmorpg with amazing matrix style acrobatic stunts. unfortunately the international version is in its beta stage. which ones it doesnt support routers. dont try to fix it if u have a router. beta version nvr supports routers watever u do.
person1: lets play gunz
person2: i cant i got a router
person1: did u port forward?
person2: yes
person1: did u port trigger?
person2: yes
person2: did u check ur NAT settings?
person1: yes
person2: did u check ur firewall settings?
person1: yes and it still doesnt work
person1: amen to that
by sithtroopers May 29, 2006
A Noun, or nickname


Massively Huge Biceps. People coward before them.
When Flexed, they will become a threat.

A simple, "Hey, Gunz!" makes everyone happy.

Legendz of the Gunz can be found below:
- Gunz ~ Killa Tilla
- Gunz 1 & 2 ~ B Cal & Dice
Dice: "Hey Gunz!" (flexes his arms)
Wes: "Hey Gunz 2!!" (flexes his arms)
(B Cal, coming from the Weight Room)
B Cal: "Hey, Gunz! Hey, Gunz 2!"
Killa Tilla & Dice: "GUNZZZZ!!!"
Killa Tilla: "Hey Gunz 1, What were you doing?"
B Cal: "Oh, I was just doing some 1 armed push-ups."
All Together: "GUNZZZZZZZ!!!!"
by kiLLA tiLLA May 16, 2006
much like the popka, this large, dumb animal takes attention away from its below average penis with his huge arms (thus gunz) instead of ears.
Gunz followed the cheeseburger when we threw it out of the 3rd floor window.
by Ivan Strokinovya April 13, 2004
A Noun. Can be used as a nickname.


Massively Huge Biceps. Biceps that people coward before.
When Flexed, they can become a threat.
To be called GUNZ, you must be able to do one-armed push-ups "Like It Ain't No Thang".

Legendz of the Gunz are below:
GUNZ ~ killa tilla
GUNZ 1 & 2 ~ B-Cal & Dice

A simple "Hey, GUNZ!" ,will make anyone happy.
Dice: "Hey, GUNZ!"
killa tilla: "Oh, Hey GUNZ!!" (flexes his GUNZ)
(B-Cal exits from the Weight Room)
B-Cal: "GUNZ!!!" (flexes his GUNZ)
Dice: "Where you been, GUNZ?!?!"
B-Cal: "Oh, I've just been doing some one-armed push-ups."
killa tilla & Dice: "GUNZZZ!!!!" (Both flex their GUNZ)
by kiLLA tiLLA May 16, 2006
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