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Where are you from?
I'm from "Gun Ru"! Meaning I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Rapids' urban neighborhoods, have been given the title of "Gun Ru", instead of saying Grand Rapids.
by Mz .Boss Lady May 20, 2009
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Gun Ru is what the Native Americans called Grand Rapids. Gun Ru is also a clan of thugs that is located in Gun Ru / Grand Rapids. Gun Ru has mad gats and is known for their many gangbangs with white gurlz. Gun Ru is known for their brutal intiation hazing, forcing people to say emma morgan is hot. Gun Ru is also called "Da Poonie Bandits"
Gun Ru haze ur ass as initiation.
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as in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Know for its Def music && damn good Parties. Also infamous for having the best lookin bitches in state. About 1 hour from D-Town. detroit
Known for its juking and "Braking Off".
Best Weed in MI, best place TO GET weed in MI. KNow for school jumpings in Central, Ottowa, East Kentwood, Creston, and other alternative schools. Gangs such as Bemis, East Ave., G-Mob,G.D,Latin Kings, Mexican Mob and others. Skating rinks such as Fun Spot,and Woodland are also reccomended.
Gun Ru to Kenthood
by baby peacok July 10, 2008
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Its a group of wanna be's under 16 that pretend to be bangers.

they would love to be a real gang like MXM
Folk Alliance.The Manic Latin Disciples (MLD).Insane Dragons.
Mexican Mob.Spanish Cobras.Sur Trece.The Latin Kings.Gun Ru = loser.
by jjjones December 06, 2007
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