pronounced "goom - bar".

a cross of words coming from Goon, meaning loser with no friends, and F.U.B.A.R - standing for Fucked Up Behond Affordable Repear, a world war one saying used for when something was not right, fucked up or unfair. - in this case refurring to the personalities of the individuals or group being insulted.

Used for describing people who are socially retarded or socially backwards. often have long hair, spotty and few friends, or friends with the same social standing (a group of losers).

They often use lunchtimes to play cards and don't enjoy going to clubs and their close friends are their only friends.
im not having those kids coming to my house on saturday night, they are total gumbars.
by Chessticals December 28, 2010
Top Definition
Large, foolish person; Dim witted; Idiot; moron
Get that big GUMBAR out of my way!
by rockin_damo May 24, 2010
Comes from a country in East Africa. Eritrea, a country located near Ethiopia.

A person with a large sized forehead.
Look at her Gumbar! It's freaking huggge!
by Aaliyah Milan June 04, 2011
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