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referencing Gumball 3000, this means to drive aggressively and greatly exceeding the speed limit, usually for fun or to make a getaway.
I Gumballed all the way home today.

Lets Gumball that hill.

I had to Gumball the cops last nite.
by bsdsolomon November 19, 2003
Gum-ballin' is the act of placing ones testicles in someone's mouth who lacks teeth.

Not to be mistaken for tea-bagging, but generally the same idea, just... well... the sense of danger is less because there are no teeth involved.
I totally hooked up with this grandma last night who was just crazy about gum-ballin'
by BryPfy July 02, 2012
You know when u put a quarter in a gumball machine and u just watch the gum come down twirlin downwards....

It's like when a dick all in your guts all the way in there making the cum trickle downward on the dick
i love how he be gumballin me
by Spicy&wet May 07, 2011