When you insert a gumball in your anus and munch on it with your rectum, then you fart to blow bubbles.
girl#1 inserted a gumball into her anus
guy#1 became aroused
by gumBALLS69 September 08, 2011
Top Definition
A lazy wanna be momma's boy that thinks he's all that and is embarrassing to be seen around.
That dudes a gumball! He doesn't look like he's seen a hard day of physical labor or had a girlfriend in his life.
by Ball333 November 17, 2013
A blue cat.
Gumball is a blue cat that likes to eat peanuts.
by Sharkzilla January 13, 2015
The act of injecting Heroin into your testicles; having testicles filled with Heroin.
"I scored some heroin last night, and I gave myself gumballs."
by ZeroFromLoDo May 05, 2013
(noun) Teste satchel hair that has become encrusted with bubblegum residue from enthusiatic sloppy trailor bobs.
"Pat Cuddy and jess's post coital shnoodling was interupted by the unhappy discovery of patrick's affliction of the dreaded "gum balls".
by DI di November 17, 2006
this is when your balls stick to your leg after sitting and your sack stretches across your groin giving the appearance of "stepped in" chewing gum.
Lady: Excuse me sir, you shouldnt be playing with your crotch in the theater with all these kids around..

Man: Hey gimme a break I am just trying to fix my gumballs...
by Gonzothegreat79 September 13, 2011
When the skin of your ball sack sticks to your inner thighs like gum and you have to walk funny to unstick them.
I got out of the car on a hot summer day and had "gumballs" all the way to the entrance of Home Depot.
by AdGuy September 25, 2012

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