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A sex thing in which you put your balls in her butt, then put a quarter in her slot, then she pops out the balls.
My chick pushed to hard when i was gumballing her and she took a dump.

I jizzed when i gumballed my girl.

Gumball Machine is my favorite sex thing to do.
by POWERtehPIMP April 28, 2008
When you are using anal beads on a girl and you cut the string.
After a little snip snip she totally had to do the gum ball machine!
by Captain Compost June 19, 2010
When one person bites the other partners right testicle off and as they swallow are repeatedly hit in the throat as a quarter is inserted past their ovaries. They immediately shit the testicle out at 700 feet per second penetrating a recently dug up dead guys rectum.
Example 1

Guy 1,"Nah dog i'm tired from that gum ball machine Laura gave me last night, I don't wanna do shit."

Example 2

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