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A guitarist who's so insanely good, without ever really trying, that he's obviously compensating for latent homosexual urges. Rarely seen with a girlfriend, despite amazing shredding skills.
Mike: "Matt's an incredible guitarist, so why doesn't he have a girlfriend? The chicks obviously dig him. With skillz like that he outta be getting laid every night!"

Chris: "Matt's gotta be a guitar fag."
by g-fag July 18, 2009
One who is is extremely gifted at guitar with very little experience or practice, who is extremely insensitive to those who need to practice and learn at a slower rate. This is not to be confused with good guitar players who worked their way to being good, or modest guitar players who are very talented. A guitar fag will do at least 3 of the following:

- Attempt to teach a beginner at guitar by giving them advanced solos and showing it once or twice and expect them to know how to play it, and abuse them when they fail to complete it

- Claim to be better than every guitarist mentioned by others

- Refuse to play with a band because they feel that the rest of the members are holding them down

- Excessively show off instead of just play etc, playing behind the head, with tongue, on top of the neck constantly

- Will go on long winded speechs of their abilities and not respond to the listeners attempts to guide the conversation elsewhere or respond to signs of them wanting to leave

Note able guitar fags include:
Yngwie Malsteen
Michael Angelo Batio
Steve Vai
"Quick, hide the guitars, dave is coming over and I don't feel like being one-upped for the next hour"
"Yeah, He's a total guitar fag"

*10 minute long solo* "Yeah it took me like a half hour to learn all that, you try it"
"Ive never played guitar before"
"I did it in a half hour! It was easy, try it"
"I don't know where to start, I don't know what Im doing"
"Give me that guitar, you're being difficult Im not showing you anything"
by saintjoshua December 12, 2007
A person who plays guitar all the time, and gets cocky about his great skills. They often make fun of others who, no matter how long they have been playing for or what genre they like to play. they also normally tend to think that their way of playing is the best.
Anthony is a guitar fag for thinking neoclassical is the best.
by Scene Hor June 10, 2008
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