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Medical term referring to the dizziness and wavy vision that can occur after playing Guitar Hero.
After two hours of Guitar Hero World Tour, everything around me seemed to be waving and morphing. I was experiencing the Guitar Hero Effect.
by Definitions Anonymous February 20, 2009
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The trippy change in vision where everything seems to be constantly moving up after playing guitar hero for extended periods of time
Man, I played guitar hero for 5 hours yesterday and then the guitar hero effect set in as soon as I turned my tv off. It felt like I was trippin balls.
by Dandyandy69 December 04, 2009
The phenomena which occurs after desperately trying to either pass or 5 star a song in Guitar Hero / Rock Band / or any other music game.

After trying for what seems like ages, then giving up for an extended period of time (usually when a new Halo/CoD comes out or something). You return to the song and easily complete your objective.
I could not for the life of me, 5 star Free Bird. I gave up and played Halo 3 for a few weeks. I came back Guitar Hero Effect came into play and I easily achieved my 5 star.
by Mr. Banana Grabberz January 17, 2011

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