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A guitar simulation game in which a player presses 3 buttons and a pick on a simulated guitar as their corresponding markers reach a line at the top of the screen.
Guitar Freaks is easier than Drummania.
by dj gs68 May 13, 2003
A game in Konami's Bemani series in which you use a controller that looks like a guitar to make music. The controller has three buttons and a pick-thing on it. Also links to DrumMania and used to link to Keyboardmania.
"I played Guitar Freaks a few times, got frustrated because I could never figure out how to hold the controller right, and returned to failing songs on DrumMania."
by crono June 28, 2003
Anonymous: Hey, wanna play jam session with me?
Random: Sure, as long as I play GuitarFreaks.
by FTW May 02, 2006