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A cute female who seems to be unattainable. She's mysterious, funny, smart, kind, and the best friend a guy could have. She takes care of the people she loves and is open for discussion on anything brought to her attention. she's independent, goofy, can fix just about anything, very technical, can do basic car maintenance yet be a girly girl and literally makes the world more beautiful everywhere she goes with her bubbly personality. She can be shy with new people, even anti-social until she's comfortable and although people think she can be stuck up because of her quietness. A person that is often misunderstood. She actually is ALL HEART, you just have to get to know her first. She'll actually talk to you about your problems if no one else will. She actually cares about your feelings and fears. Wifey material.
Guirlene is so different from the others, she puts a smile on my face for no reason.
by urbanzzzzz1 December 13, 2012
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