Guilford sucks, at everything- sports, school, it's just an all around terrible town, everyone who lives there are just snobby posers. They think their cool but they have no lives. (They like to hang at the library) Yea, well you people in guilford wont go far in life at all believe me. BYE!
guilford sucks balls deffinitly
by barb e. doll September 11, 2005
Top Definition
a town with one of the most famous greens in america.
a town were if your not from it you would think everyone is a rich snob, but the truth is that only about 50% of the town is rich. its true that there are snobs but not alot.

a town split into two: North Guilford and downtown Guilford,
North Guilford tends to be more rural (even tho there is farms, doesnt mean that they are hicks.

a school system that isnt that great, including a high school that has mold and rotting stuff. even tho that they have one of best music programs.

best town to party and hang in.

the musician is from Guilford? then they must be the best!
by <3Horse.Cwazy<3 February 19, 2011
Guilford, Connecticut is a small, preppy, and very affluent town on the Connecticut shoreline. Guilford is 99.99% caucasian and .01 other. Most females from Guilford have blonde hair, wear polo, and drive daddy's mercedes while most males walk around, pretending to be tough, in their lacrosse pennies.
OH, you're from Guilford? Is daddy's Lexus parked outside?
by GCG09392847298 July 14, 2009
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