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Guido Vehicle Models> Back in the old skool day driven by Italians, Jews, or irish, the vehicles of choice was usually a model Cadillac deville, fleetwood, seville, sts, or Escalade. Or a Lincoln town car, mark vlll, continental, or navigator. Also were monte carlos, buick regals or Iroc camaros.
Todays Russians in American will usually drive, Range rover, ,lexus, infinity, bmw or acura. Anything high end import to show off that they can lease because they cant afford to own.
Guido equipment> These vehicles are outfitted with usually tinted windows, chrome rims, fog lights, obnxious air trumpet horns, undercarriage blue neon lights, loud radios(with house music), or xeon headlights. Bascially any add-on they can buy in Autozone to gain attention and look obnxious.
Driving style> These guidos usually drive recklessly and cocky with the seat reclined back very far and lean to the left with a arm out the window so they can be seen

FYI>Russians in Brooklyn are the new guidos while the italian ones are dinosaurs.
They got fly guido cruisers in Sheepshead bay brighton beach brooklyn.
#italian #russian #brooklyn #nyc #new york #guido #bensonhurst #sheepshead bay brighton beach
by Tommy Gunzz December 08, 2011
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