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An indonisian tropical bird. Features a long, swept back light-yellow tail. People can yell 'Gugz' to gain attention, or as a general expression of annoyance.
"Oh for Gugz sake, my cake has melted"

by Gugz October 07, 2005
The word Gugz is slang, used in Indonesia as a name for the Double-banded Argus bird.
That pheasant looks like a dumb Gugz.
by Jerry Waters February 20, 2009
Has an unhealthy obsession with the gluteus maximus, ( refered to as 'backoff' by the subject), developed from a young age and steeply through the later teenage years.
Gugz: That chick has backoff. What would she do if i just went up to her and slapped her arse.
by popeyeyeeeeee February 27, 2008