The act of imbibing one's beverage (usually beer) in an expedient fashion. May also be expanded to "guggle that git". (self-explanatory)
One evening, while drinking heavily, my friend shouted out: "hey, what are you doing nursing that beer? You need to guggle that git bro!".
by CaptainPliny78 February 15, 2011
Top Definition
The awkward sound that is sometimes made by a person giving a blow job. This typically happens for one of the following reasons:
1) There is a lot of saliva involved
2) The penis is rather thick and hard to keep one's mouth around
3) The person sucking is trying to avoid using teeth as much as possible
4) The person sucking is inexperienced at giving BJ's
"She rocks at giving head, although she does guggle a lot."
by PeacanCrunch May 26, 2009
To look at the keyboard when someone is typing in their password, instead of politely looking away.
Do not guggle in the computer lab.
by soc 12 November 19, 2009
When a person laughs so hard, thus producing a gut giggle.
We were cracking so many jokes, Angie let out a great guggle.
by El Prez May 22, 2007
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