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A kind of beer which, by definition, has to be non-mainstream, pretentious, unnecessary to get drunk on and tastes like fizzed up baking soda. The most common kinds are German wheat beers, Dutch porters and Belgium ales, or are otherwise sourced from some kind of country which is at least 1000 miles away. Consumption of such beer entitles said individual to the esteemed prize of 'Top Guffy', or the more recent 'Guffy of The Year Award', and upon drinking a guffy beer one will turn into a deranged lunatic who spouts off nonsense at the top of their voice. They certainly get you drunk quick though.
"Stu just bought a Weihenstephan, he certainly likes his guffy beer."

"I could sure go for a Paulaner Heffe Weisse right now."
"Wow, you sure are a guffy."
by King of The Guffy Beers September 10, 2013
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