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Or "Matthew Gray Gubler Fever", sometimes referred to as "Reid Fever". Having an inexplicable love for Matthew Gray Gubler or Spencer Reid, Criminal Minds, a hint of desire, though in some cases worse then others. Mostly just the exceedingly strong love one has for Matthew Gray Gubler, for any reason wether it be a part he plays in a movie/television show, or an appearance he made somewhere. Or, in other words, a case of fanatical, and sometimes obsessive, love for Matthew Gray Gubler to the point where you want to watch all of the movies/shows he's appeared in, and want to watch all of his interviews and videos on youtube, just because the man is pure quality, and quite easy on the eyes, if I do say so myself.
Girl: "Ugh, ever since I watched that episode of Criminal Minds where Reid gets tortured I've had the worst case of Gubler Fever."
Boy: "I know what you mean, even I thought it was sad. I would go gay for that man, I'll tell you."
Girl: "It's just so sad!"
by ierogasm March 14, 2011
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