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A maneuver done during sexual intercourse, usually after orgasm. The male anally penetrates the female in a doggy style or bent over fashion, then pulls out his penis, taps his partner on the shoulder to get her to turn around, and then pulls his erection back and lets go, flicking onto the face of his partner a combination of pheses, semen, and whatever other miscellanious fluids, solids, gasses, or occasionally plasmas may be present on the penis at that time.
"So I heard Robby was taking it in the ass from his owner last night!"

"That's not all, when Sam was done with him she hit him with a Guatemalan Slingshot!"

"Well, you know... it's gotta end with you looking like a bitch."
by BrazillianButtFartFetish September 22, 2008
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