guatamalen ppl
i seen guatamalen ppl yesteday
by Kevin matar November 01, 2003
Top Definition
A racist name for any individual of Guatemalan heritage. Such individuals are often employed for landscaping to improve the vegetation of South Florida.
Dude, there are like 10 Guats in my backyard. One has a machete.
by Danny January 25, 2005
(Verb) - to ejaculate
I guat all over her.
by guad May 21, 2014
A word short for guatamalines or spanish people . Usually people who are short and swarm sales at the mall . Just a good name to call people in general .
In recent news , a lesbian couple just adopted a baby Guat!
by babyguat123 January 12, 2011
A nickname usually given to someone who has Guatemalan talents such as lying, stealing, cheating, able to manipulate things, skinny, under 5'6", horrible driving skills, dates sloppy seconds, and has a big ego in which he/she uses to hide the fact that he/she is actually really small like a Chihuahua.
Did he really have sex with Amanda right after her year long relationship with Bryan? Damn, what a guat move.
by broach561 December 09, 2010
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