1. A phrase used to describe womens breast.

2. A phrase used to describe womens breast that you have particular interest in.
Bruce: Yo, you chanked out indian curry popin muthafuckas!
Kyle: What?
Paul: What up.
Bruce: Check out that skallywag hoe. She got some fuckin fat ass guaps dog.
Kyle: What?
Paul: Damn son! I wanna suck on them guaps and get some of that milk!
Bruce: Fuck ya.
by Big&Black November 19, 2007
Gay, Underage, Anal, Penetration (GUAP)

Used in Big Seans Song GUAP. This word is an abbreviation of the anal penetration of underage male youth.
Me: Did you see Fred in his truck with his son? I think they were getting the GUAP on

Matt: Yeah me and my dad did the GUAP last week in Kentucky.
by Mister Cancer Dick 2000 July 17, 2013
to apply in an, aggressive generous manner
Tomorrow morning I'm going to have to guap some vaseline on that shit.
by N8Dawg91 October 29, 2010
Anything good not necessarily money.
The new facebook lacks the guap.
by TheRealGuapMaster March 20, 2009
Term for a real wet fart
I made a guap in my trousers
by snarlinz May 25, 2009
guap. referring to marijuana. can be used as guap, guaped, or guaping. being high or stoned
Damn, last night we twisted so many bones, i was so guaped.
by dey guap dey guap dey guap March 16, 2011
Elephant poop.
Mannnn, that's some mad smelling guap!
by jessasaur June 03, 2010
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