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A weightlifting term for a 45 pound weight on one side of a bar, and a 10 pound weight on the other side.
Wtf is a guap?

You know, a guap. A forty-five and a ten, bitch!
by Da Jackal April 29, 2010
9 50
Elephant poop.
Mannnn, that's some mad smelling guap!
by jessasaur June 03, 2010
12 54
guap. referring to marijuana. can be used as guap, guaped, or guaping. being high or stoned
Damn, last night we twisted so many bones, i was so guaped.
by dey guap dey guap dey guap March 16, 2011
41 84
Anything good not necessarily money.
The new facebook lacks the guap.
by TheRealGuapMaster March 20, 2009
17 60
Term for a real wet fart
I made a guap in my trousers
by snarlinz May 25, 2009
11 55
Guap - gwa'p
One unit of monetary measurement varying in size not equal to a given amount of paper or coin money. Also known as a significant amount, comparatively speaking, when it is applied to purchasing any certain thing.
Example: “I took my girlfriend to this dope ass place for dinner last night and ordered mad food, it was money son!” Friend replies, “Holy shit man that must have cost a guap!"

Guap - gwa'p
To a very great degree of extent or amount. Very many, a large number; also, very much.
Example: “I have a guap of CD’s in the back seat.”, or “I drank a guap last night."
by Tyson Howard April 16, 2007
41 86
To get owned in a video game or sport.
He was guaped by that grenade.
That linebacker guaped the tight end.
by Ethan "GQ" October 28, 2008
5 53