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The act of placing each of your testicles on a sleeping victim's eyelids. The left testicle is placed on one eyelid and the right testicle is placed on the other eyelid at the same time. If you are blessed with a third testicle, that is to be placed under the recipients nose. Best done after a moderate night of fellowship with or without sweat (preferably with sweat).
Vince: Dude, Brian is passed out. What should we do to him?

Nik: We should give him an Alabama hotpocket.

Nickbro: Nah man, we gave him that last weekend. We need to do something new.

Joe: I read on the internet about something called the Guantanamo goggles. I think we should give him those.

Vince: Guantanamo goggles? By the beard of Zeus, what does that mean?!

Joe: It is when you put your balls on someones eyelids.

Nickbro: Do it!

Joe: Alright.

Joe does the act

Brian wakes up

Brian: So who has 3 testicles?

All: Why?

Brian: I feel like one of you placed testicles on both of my eyelids and put one under my nose after a moderate night of fellowship.

Joe: Guilty as charged.
by NVN May 16, 2010

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