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Matted human feces found in the shaggy area between the cornhole and ball sack / love taco (better known as the taint). Though commonly confused with dingleberries, grundle nuggets are typically interwoven and much larger in size.
My dear lord, look at the Grundle Nuggets on her!
I really need to get these Grundle Nuggets taken care of.
I have a really bad infection caused by Grundle Nuggets build-up.
I don't know what smells worse, rat milk or my Grundle Nuggets.
This Quilted Northern isn't doing shit for my Grundle Nuggets
by The Doctor 2.0 September 11, 2012
A person that is short, pudgy, and dirty. They usually have curly filthy hair. They also tend to eat the brown chip gardettos. You can point a true grundle nugget out a mile away. They get no bitches either.
The grundle nugget that lives next door gets on my last damn nerve.
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