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With the standard definition of grundle being the space between your ass and balls, any bundle associated therin must refer to the old kak n' balls.
That chap's pants were so tight you could see on which side he hung his grundle bundle.
by B. Peters August 22, 2005
Another name for a mans cock and balls, or...
When a gay orgy is in progress one takes a handfull of a mans section between his anus and balls and bites it.
No More Grundle Bundling...YOWW
by Meow Mix December 27, 2003
Untreated genital warts
"Sir, you have quite a grundle bundle there. We're going to need something bigger than a scalpel"
*snaps latex gloves*
by MrsBehave March 29, 2015
Small pieces of "shittles" caught in your grundle.
Due to the lack of wiping my ass properly, I do believe some grundle bundles have formed.
by Hordee January 15, 2006
The bunching effect that takes place when the sweat from a good workout meets the boxers in the grundle region. Also can be used as an insult.
Man I need to hit the showers I've got Grundlebundle like nobody's business.
Man that clerk always thinks im trying to steal , what a grundlebundle.
by Skinflutelessons June 21, 2007
A grundlebundle is a random bird i found wen searching grundle in google i dont know why i was looking for it
JESUS CHRIST that grundlebundle was flying lower than most
by Callum Mays November 12, 2004
Two girls residing in Southern California embraced the name grundle (slang for taint) after a group of people constantly called them it and now refer to themselves as the grundle bundle because there is more than one of them. They are often characterized by their oversized, overworked vaginas, rotten jack Daniels loving livers, brittle bleached hair, and their constant need to try fighting people. When within a mile of them you are likely to smell cat feces and abortion discharge.
Did those girls have names? No, they just go by grundle bundle.

Do those girls know what they're saying when they refer to themselves as grundles? They don't care because they're the grundle bundle.
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