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When Female or Male, is performing oral sex on you when you are taking a shit on the toilet. Grumpkin is mistaken for the word Blumpkin, because of the Movie "Harold and Kumar."
by The Theoretically Correct May 20, 2009
A twist and flick of the balls while receiving a blowjob, thus making the person grumpy.
Garrett was getting a BJ when Amy decided to bust out the grumpkin.
by sqwirll April 14, 2009
a mixture of a grundle grab and a knuckle butt fuck. it can be quite stimulating if used correctly
the wrestler used the grumpkin technique to score a reversal.
i blew my wad as soon as that filthy slut gave me a grumpkin.
by the cool breeze September 07, 2006
A woman no taller than five feet three inches tall and more than a few pounds overweight who would be cute if she lost a little weight. Often seen truck-truck-truckin' around.
Oh, there goes that lil' grumpkin truckin' around campus again.
by Marc November 17, 2003
a short, trollish, bitch that everyone hates. She's annoying, ugly, and the kinda girl you would love to punch in the face...repeatedly.
Brandon's girlfriend is such a grumpkin.
by clayton September 20, 2004
Describes sosmeone who suddenly turns extremely and uncharacteristically grumpy at night, particularly after midnight. Word evolved from pumpkin - someone who suddenely turns sleepy at midnight.
Watch out - after midnight she turns into a grumpkin!
by Grumpkin April 16, 2006
the act of taking a crap
Dude i just took a Grumpkin.
or Dude i need to take a Grumpkin.
by CGH16 August 26, 2007