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The process of planting a tree that produces a pomaceous fruit of the Pyrus genus. This process can take 6 years, which gives you a lot of time to gain some courage and face your fears.
A: Ed got cold feet and chickened out on us.
B: He needs to grow a pear
A: Then he could make a fruit salad! I love fruit salad!
by JavaJeff March 26, 2016
To grow a pear is to start acting like a man and suck it up or get over it.
DUMPIE- she just broke up with me!
FRIEND- dude just grow a pear and suck it up.
BOYFRIEND- blah blah blah
PISSED GIRLFRIEND- listen, when you grow a pear call me back!
#suck it up #siu #your perfect #pair #i hate you
by Bball babe November 26, 2010
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