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Another one of those antigovernment extremist morons, he wants to gut every social program on the planet and privatize everything so some big ass corporations can step all over us even more than they can now
Grover Norquist wants to shift the tax burden to the middle class even more, resulting in an ever-increasing gap between the rich and poor.
by Submitter of Words August 02, 2011
A scumbag worse than a child molester. The joker, Darth vader, Freddy kreuger, Hannibal lector, and Jeffery Dahmer gathered together and masturbated onto cruella de ville, and Grover Norquist is the mutated-pedophilic result.
Person 1: Hey have you heard of Grover Norquist?
Person 2: Yeah! He's the guy with the really small dick!
Person 1: He's similar to Santorum

Person 2: Really? He's an ass hole!
by stoogey February 13, 2012
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