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A person that may or may not be hot, but is the most attractive person in the set of people in your group so you lust after him/her.
Person 1: Wow,that girls, she is so hot.

Person 2's not really that hot, shes just the group hot. Comapred to anyone outside the group, she really isn;t that attractive.
by Tim Regan September 09, 2007
-a group that consists of all or mostly cute/decent guys/girls. they are hot as a group but when you look at them individually you realize you wouldn't hit any of them. usually good for getting popularity because people are like "look at her/him with all those guys/girls following her/him."
basically they create the illusion of being hot.

-the hottest of a group/the most decent of a group

girl 1: omg look at the baseball team! they are so hot!
girl 2: no, they're group-hot. i wouldn't get with any of them.
girl 1: well except for that one guy.
girl 2: yeah he's the group hottie.
by megustadarkchocolicious December 05, 2007
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