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Cleaning large/important items but ignoring the finer details.

Our gross cleaning includes

- Removing dirty laundry from our floor.

- Doing our bed.

- Removing large garbage items like bottles, bags, wrapper or paper.

- Wiping our desk very quickly with windex (glass desk).

Ignoring the following (Fine Cleaning)

- Cleaning wires + rearranging cables.

- Cleaning electronics.

- Cleaning the sides of our desk.

- Washing the Floor.

- Using broom or vacuum.

- Washing windows.

- Any other long duration cleaning task.
Alex- I can't focus on my studying with this room so dirty.

Ramen- Maybe we should clean.

Alex- nah, 2 lazy for that.

Ramen- some gross cleaning maybe?

Alex- Okay, we should finish in about 5 minutes.
by iinventedthisword97 May 13, 2014
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