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The band was named after a club the duo used to run, called 'Captain Sensual at the Helm of the Groove Armada'. Yorkshire man Andy Cato used to play trombone in a brass band and is a former Young Jazz Musician of the Year. Tom Finlay hails from Cambridge and used to work in public reltionships for Nike
Albums are Vertigo (1999), Goodbye Country, Hello Nightclub (2001) and Back To Mine (2000).
Groove Armada have proved one of the most consistent British dance of acts of recent years.
Listen to 'Superstylin' the best song ever!!
by -Tina- June 28, 2005
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the groove armada is the elitest of the elite, those who are of the groove armada can groove not just well, but spectacularly, and they travel the world grooving with the armada recruiting people to join the groove armada.
The groove armada has made its presence felt, my lord. they are growing in power and will soon combat us.
by mr. india April 20, 2005
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