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A sound people make when they're too busy and/or too lazy to say real words.
1) Bossy-Person: Do your work!
Lazy-Person: *Groan*

2) During sex, they groaned a lot.
by Ebony Chalk December 21, 2008
a sound people make when there having sex.
honey come on*groans* thats right cock me away
by ps 1234567 April 05, 2010
The sound a woman makes when fucking her
Oh Tyre!Oh yesss!*she gives a deep long groan*HARDER!FASTER!DEEPER!
by CanUMakeItClap4Meh December 08, 2008
The noises that men make when having gay sex. Very simular to moaning, but for men only.
My god, John sure did make me groan last night... And damn was it gooooood
by HaTeBreeD August 22, 2004
This word is derived from the word moan. It means basically the same thing but its when a homosexual moans during anal sex.
Bob the faggot was groaning during the mid part of what is love.
by Bone Johnson August 23, 2004
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