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Slang term for the Wintergreen flavored Grizzly chewing tobacco.
1: "What you dippin?"
2: "I got a tin of Grizz Green bro."
1: "Word. Grizz Green is bomb."
by Elements I November 23, 2010
18 2

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a slang word for Grizzly Wintergreen chewing tobacco, mainly used by teenage boys that chew tobacco and like it for its inexpensive price and its high nicotene concentration. for an unexplainable reason its best on tuesdays. the phenomenon has been ckeverly named "Thirsty Tuesday".
Guy over 18: Hey, what kind did you say you wanted
Kid from 12-17: Grizz Green, bro
by str8 outta Chi-town March 23, 2010
11 2