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AKA commonly known ass an assburglar or assbandit. Secret name that FPS players use to let other players know they take beef in backdoor.
OMFG dood! That Beaver is a GrittyKitty.
by MeatGrinder August 12, 2004
7 2

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Someone acting overly cautious and effeminate. Synonymous with "pussy" or "wuss" this saying conjures the unpleasant image of a sandy vagina.
"Dude you need to shake out that gritty kitty and hit the half-pipe already!"
by GnarLover January 14, 2009
7 5
The act of packing a woman's vagina with cat litter.
Hold up there, bro. I just gave her a gritty kitty, i don't think you want to touch that.
by N1CK3LB@CKluvr696969 June 05, 2010
0 4
When a woman's vagina is sandy from a day at the beach.
Wow, see see that nudist woman's vagina? It's covered in sand! It's a gritty kitty
by the hot shit groove September 29, 2008
3 10