Guard or other ticket collector who is doing ticket check on board a train.
Get your tickets out lads, here comes the gripper...
by Broomster June 29, 2003
Top Definition
The female fun box. How the box grabs hold of the males fun stick
Tight Gripper, Roastbeef Gripper, Mudflap Gripper, Smooth Gripper, Spider Gripper, First time Gripper, Time of the Month Gripper
by B. Woods July 10, 2008
Grippers are the inner muscle used to hold your asshole shut. (hold a object in or out) Most blown out grippers are most commonly found in gay men.
my boyfriend was pounding me so hard in my ass last night that he blow out my grippers and now i cant hold my shit in.
by dr grippers June 01, 2011
Sphinter muscle in your anus that can get worn out from too much anal sex, causing inability to hold your shit in.
Darrel " Jeff you fuck that girl in her ass everynight?!?" Jeff " yeah sure" Darrel "your gonna ware that girls grippers out,shes gonna be wearing diapers by the time shes 30"
by SNAKS August 31, 2014
genital warts sometimes shaped as a cauliflower.
Mmm girl the men be loving my grippers.
by Dr. Uro October 07, 2011
a very old and annoying person. they are gripping to life, refuses to die already.
This gripper has been driving under the speed limit in the fast lane with their blinker on for the past 15 miles!
by arc008 February 27, 2016
pants worn by males which are so tight that they (uncomfortably) grip the nuts- hence, grippers. Can be found on certain punks, emos, goths, or other lame, nonstylin individuals.
Dude, you need to get rid of those grippers for real- no one wants to see your whole wang, bro!
by j3553 August 18, 2007
Really ugly girl, can also be fat. Similar to word heefer.
Ewww that gripper so ugly she make a bull dog wimp away with his tail between his thigh.
by Aoki6 December 30, 2009
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