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(n.) A sub-culture most prevalent among young people, ages 14-21, whose interests include music (usually screamo or rap), smoking cigarettes and hanging in and around shopping malls. A gringle can typically be seen at Hot Topic daily, or at the mall at least three times a week. Also, they can often be seen hanging outside of a department store smoking or walking through "employees only" service hallways. They usually appear unkempt and/or unwashed, have excessive tattoos or body piercings and like to wear baggy clothing, clashing colors, large coats or hoodies and flannel. The gringle scene seems to stem from scenesters and punk, combining elements of both with local fads and music tastes. It also seems to stem from malls in the New York - New Jersey metropolitan area.

Gringle can also be used as an adjective: "Gringly"
Example #1

Guy: Hey, did you see those gringles smoking outside of the food court?

Girl: Yeah, I see them there every time I come to the mall!

Example #2

Guy: Look at that guy! He looks really dirty and he's dressed like a hobo.

Girl: And on top of that, we're outside Zumiez. He's so gringly.
by Can of Gringles November 17, 2010
Someone who tends to mix foods together or eats abnormal foods verb, noun
Mike: *mixes foods*

Jane: Ew are you a Gringle?


Jane: *Eats blue cheese for breakfast*

Mike: Oh my god are you a Gringle or are you just gringling?
by ilovepetsandvideogames December 09, 2015
A fluidic and mutable term. May be used as a verb or noun. A non-offensive word replacement.
Baby, I wanna Gringle you like a madman. Get your own! Don't Gringle My Pringle's. I am so angry with her, I could just Gringle!
by Naughty Puppet Show January 31, 2010
When you flick someone on the nose. By surprise.
*leaps onto person and flicks their nose*
by TamiWoods February 17, 2009
(verb)To meet, greet and mingle with one another.
Come on guys and gals, lets get together and gringle
by e-jane November 14, 2008
To execute the process of Jizzing.-see jizz
I wanna gringle in your mom.
by Anonymous March 09, 2003
The sensation of having a tingling grundle.
Man, sitting like that gave me a gringle.
by Samorse March 09, 2016
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