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Verb - To Grindall is to engage in extensive and ellongated conversation with and individual or group of individuals starting every sentance with the words "I" or "When I". The art of Grindalling is to enter a conversation at any randomly chosen juncture, instantly taking over the topic and context of conversation with no regard for those already participating.

The mark of a truly successful Grindall is to prevent all previous dialogue being continued with any purpose, preferably resulting in at least one spontaneous suicide.
Victim 1 "Did you see Ian and the guys working on their contest numbers?"
Victim 2 "Yeah man, they were good, maybe a little slow at times but... "
Grindaller "When I heard The Masters last convention I thought slow, was the new quick! I don't think we're going to attract many youngsters delivering pedestrian victorion parlour ballads. When I was singing professionally I spent 2 years trying to convince.......................(Rope over beam time, you've been Grindalled!)
by Tony Lerus February 05, 2010

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