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Large, slow, and at times a very stupid individual who chews tobacco an has false teeth. Most Grimard's are athletes (primarily football players) and are well known as woman beaters.

"Why you ask? Because as Matt’s former girlfriend would tell you, you can’t stop Matt Grimard, you can only hope to contain him."
Matthew Grimard of Dracut had faced domestic assault-and-battery charges accusing him of pouring beer over his 17-year-old girlfriend last May after she spoke to another man at a party. Prosecutors say the 6-foot-4, 235-pound Grimard followed her outside, tried to drag her back inside, and punched her in the jaw when she resisted. Grimard was quarterback of Dracut High School’s 2008 state championship team.
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by Lindseyyyyyyyy C. January 16, 2012
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