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The act of simultaneously choking, masturbating and penetrating (vaginally, or anally) one's sexual partner from behind.

Read reach around and autoerotic asphyxiation
1. Jane thought that it was time to take his relationship with Dick to the next level. So, that night, she brought out a strap on, and give Dick the Grim Reaper Reach Around.

2. Dick: "Oh man. Does my ass hurt"
Dick's Friend: "At least you got the Grim Reaper Reach Around for your trouble"
#reach around #autoerotic asphyxiation #masturbation #bdsm #sex
by Angry Canadian January 23, 2009
1) A man being hung from a noose with the other end of the rope being held by a man or woman with one hand. While the other hand is reached around giving the hung man a hand job.

2) A Russian roulette of cum or death!
She better have good coordination skills or this grim reaper reach around is going to end in death!
#grim reaper #reach around #sexual death #strange pleasure #extreme acts
by bl33d23 August 10, 2012
Its where you reach around
Yeah isnt my ass smooth? Now do the grim reaper reach around.
#pauly #pauly shore #pauly shore is dead #reach around #smooth ass
by Stalkers_friend July 24, 2006
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