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A guy who doesnt like his name. He can be funny and immature, but also sweet and caring. He has a great taste in music. He can be a jerk but always makes sure you know hes just kidding. He can be very perverted. He is really cute and has great hair. He has been through a lot. He teases you but you still always love him. He stays up all night and always asks you to stay up with him even though he knows that in a couple minutes you will fall asleep anyways. He is your best friend but you wish you were more. He broke your heart once but made up for it afterwards. He acts so stupid but is actually, surprisingly, great at math. He is very short tempered and gets mad often. You just have to love him.
Who is he? Griffin Beard of course!! DUH!
by The Anonymus Bubbles August 28, 2010
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