Top Definition
1.) A word to describe nothing.

2.) To take a big, long piss.

3.) Your worst nightmare
1.) Today I sat on the couch doing griessel.

2.) I just griesseled all over the floor.

3.) That guy over there is a total griessel, he scares me.
by Donut Piss December 23, 2011
To choke to death on a very large penis
Paul: Did you here about matt?

Frank: No... What happened?

Paul: He Griesseled last night!!!

Frank: What a dumbass, when's the funeral
by Muver123 August 06, 2013
To choke to death on a large penis.
OMG did you hear about Sharon?

No.. What happened?

She griesseled earlier today.

OH NO!!!
by bobbyjoe112345677889 July 23, 2013
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