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Born Febuary 12, 1988, she Ex-singer/pianist of The Hush Sound, now has a solo career. She is gorgeous and cute and dorky. She is a vegan. She has guest- starred on Forgive Durden's Razia's Shadow concept album. She has worked with musical genius Patrick Stump on THS's second studio album, Like Vines, and multi-talented Brendon Urie on the song, "Don't Wake Me Up".
Greta is talented.
Greta is beautiful.
Greta is dorky.
Greta has a great voice and can play more instruments than you.
1. "Wow, Greta Salpeter's voice is just stunning!"
2. "I wish I was Greta Salpeter! Her curls are to die for!"
3. "Greta Salpeter deserves a Grammy."
by Nice Girls Finish First August 28, 2009
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