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When your buddies bring home a grenade and their vision might be cloudy due to inebriation, you can help them by grabbing a 'vuvuzela' and blowing loudly enough so that your buddy hears it and realizes that they are with a grenade.
"Wow Billy brought home a grenade, I have to help him out. (grabs vuvuzela and blows into it). Grenade Whistle!!!"

Billy: (hears vuvuzela) Oh Man Grenade!!!! Abort!!
by Roddy92 January 05, 2011
a device, usually a vuvuzela, used to warn those within hearing distance that grenades are present in large numbers. Proper use of a grenade whistle can be seen on The Jersey Shore
*fat ugly gang of girls approach*
Mike: Blow the grenade whistle!
by IllekGink March 29, 2011
Sometimes you're at the club and you bring a few girls home and you're a little cloudy so you don't realize you brought home grenades. So it's up to your roommate to blow on the Grenade Whistle to snap you out of it and bring you to your senses so you can kick that grenade out.
If you bring a girl home, and you are to drunk to realize she is a grenade. Your friends will sound the Grenade Whistle to let you know that your girl is a grenade!
by Max_Laxin January 31, 2011
The horn used to alert people, of the dangerous grenades that may be lurking in your household with you not being aware of it.
There were grenades lurking around the house, i had to alert my friends before they were attacked! so i blew in to the grenade whistle hoping that where ever my friends were, they would be aware that grenades are around.
by suppa playa playa February 13, 2011
A whistle that is blown to notify everyone that there is a grenade(ugly girl) present.
Mostly used on Jersey Shore
Grenade - Hi everybody
Guy1 - The grenade whistle
*blows grenade whistle*
Your Boys - Oh shit there's a grenade
by L4zyBoy August 13, 2011
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