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day in which it is Greg's responsibility to throw away lunch table trash (trays, bottles and cans, wrappers, potions-usually made in milk cartons, half-eaten main lunch, left over pieces of bosco sticks, Shayna's crusts); greg's day is celebrated every day but tends to elicit controversy among lunch table members and the deans (cupcakes thrown at faces, bottled water showered about, styrofoam lunch trays flung in aggravation)
Becky: Damn, I really don't want to have to throw away all this gross ass american-chop-suey I didn't eat.
Jen: Don't worry about it! It's Greg's Day!
Becky: (shoves tray filled with gross ass american-chop-suey in front of Greg before running at the sound of the bell.)
by Liam Mandeville January 02, 2009

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