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The poorest neighborhood in wealthy Palo Alto. High murder rate with gangs and an open air drug market. A-Street Gang, GPG, Colorado Projects, Tanland Homes.
my cuzzo got dun up by dem greer park boys
by Anarae Brown April 01, 2008
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neighborhood in Palo Alto, California plagued by violence and crime. Gang members are packed on every corner at night. "Day to day all we see are bodies" -young tyson, age 15(greer park gang member) Because the Black gangs usually operate at night, the neighborhood is somewhat calm during the day, and even white and asian crip gangs are starting to form in the area. Basically, if you come to Palo Alto and you see a black guy with bleached dreadlocks and an assault rifle on the corner, you know your by greer park.
"aye mayneee greer park gang on mine"

"sup bloooooodddddddddddd! dis GPG"

by dukiewater February 12, 2009
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