The absolut greatest punk-rock band ever to grace the face of this planet. For all of you who think Green Day is dumb...stop watching the T.v> get of your lazy ass and get a job. Oh ya and by the way they don't even care if you don;t like them beacuse they know who they are...they are Green Day..the greatest revolution of this cool thing called music.
Punkrockchic: Wow, that concert was amazing! The guys rocked soo hard! What a great night!
Preppygirl:wait wait! its Green Day, not night duhhhh
BillieJoe: Your an idiot.
by BillieJoesimaginaryfriend February 28, 2005
The best frickin band ever!!!!!! Billie Joe Armstrong (lead guitar and vocals), Mike Dirnt (Bass), Tre Cool/Frank Edwin Wright III (Drums). These guys are for real. SO BACK OFF!!!!!!!! mmmkay
American Idiot and Bvd. of Broken Dreams aren't the only songs on the CD so listen to the whole thing!
by LeSigh February 27, 2005
Personally, not my cup of tea. I wouldn't really call them punk, as they are more rock. I can see why people like them, but personally I don't think they're all that great. They have some good songs, but try too hard to be rebellious. Honestly sometimes I think that they are making fun of punk rock. I think they kind of try to be like Anti-Flag and Pennywise (real good punk bands) but instead it comes out sounding like pop music. That' s what it is. Pop music.
green day is an okay band.
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey July 06, 2011
A band that racked up many teenyboppers during the release of American Idiot targeted at George W. Bush, but also gained many haters and were taken the wrong way very seriously because of their "emo" appearance. I think it was just to raise their popularity. If I were Green Day, i would rip off my tight clothing and eyeliner and put on my old jeans and blazer.
Teenybopper: OmG lYk BillY JoE So Hawwwt!!11

Anti-Green day person: Green day sucks cock because of their pop and emo shit *walks away*

Me: If you would understand the "REAL" green day music, that WAS punk, just listen to kerplunk, the greatest damn album ever made by them
by CaptainWhiteyBoy March 20, 2007
Best fucking band in the world!
A: "i've got tickets for Blink182 tonight."
B: "fuck these blink-guys! lets go to Green Day!!!"
by listen_to_beatsteaks August 17, 2006
punk rock band who are very telanted at writing music and playing instruments,they are NOT pop rock!just because it hit the charts that does not make them pop rockers! they are original stilish and individual,sure they should be remembered by dookie, insomnic, nimrod, and warning but theyre new album is realy good!

their music is about real life and politics not like these whinos who sing about 'true love' and 'shaking there ass' and 'how sad they are.'

most greenday fans stoped liking greenday after theyre amirican idiot album because they said it was 'to comercial' this is bollocks you would love theyre new album if it wasnt popular!
fred: green days drummer is tre cool he sure knows how to play those drums!
Me:yes,and because they have tallent it cant be pop music!
fred:got a fag
by sillouette April 10, 2006
According to Charlton Heston's 1973 film Soylent Green, green day would be Tuesday. That's the day you get your rations of soylent green. Water and the other crap is given out on other days. Bulldozers mow people down every day. Oh yeah, and soylent green, which you'll get on a Tuesday, is made from people. People!!
Tuesday is Soylent Green Day
by lifeschalkyresidue November 15, 2005

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