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Police armed with military weapons to fend off people who destroy the habitat of several animals, environment, and ecology. They will stop at nothing to protect plants that are common to the rarest tree that is the bare survivor to its kind.
Green Police are the elite force in stopping people from cutting trees down to creating forest or wild fires.

They are in tune to nature and can teleport to the nearest plant where their enemies are.

Sadly, we don't have the green police, but we do have environmentalists and people who care about the plant kingdom.
by Fruityogos April 11, 2011
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the green police are the police you order to come and arrest people for dumb actions.
some student- "i know the answer."
teacher- "ok whats 2 x 3?"
student- "5?"
somebody yells out GREEN POLICE

"i found a quarter worth 10 cents"
green police
by Wally Kumar April 28, 2008

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