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GM is the short way of saying Green Mang. The Green Mang is a gang that was formed in Seattle Washington around 2005 or 2006. Wearing green, obviously by the name, recognizes the gang they wear green. They have two allies so far that we’ve heard of, they are Xplicit and SYC. The SYC stands for South Yung Crips, this gang is also in Seattle but it was formed long ago and they are one of the toughest one’s out there. GM’s enemies include Flipside Bloods & TRG. TRG stands for Tiny Raskal Gang. TRG was formed in 1985 after a Cambodian kid was beat up by a Mexican gang. The Asians realized they had to fight back, TRG was born. TRG is the biggest Asian gang in the Philippines and other Asian countries. Though the name “Tiny” shouldn’t be in the name because this gang is huge now. TRG has no allies; they are EKs, which stands for Every Killer. This is why it is enemies with GM. GM is growing slowly, but they are growing more ruthless to their enemies.
Green Mang is comin to bang!
by Faizan June 05, 2007
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