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1. A candy often believed to make the consumer horny
2. The only M&M that is female (great likeness to smurfette)
1. John has a whole drawer full of green m&m's!
2. The Green M&M is fucking* hott* dude!

*see second defenition of these words
by Smite March 25, 2004
(Slang) 80mg Oxycontin, which is green-gray in color, and about the size and shape of an M&M. This term is usually used when trying to hide what is being talked about.
Text message:"Green M&M's" (i.e. I got some 80's for sale, do you want any?

I live in the state with the highest opate addiction per capita in the U.S. a.k.a. Maine. I live in a city of just over 35,000 people. We have THREE methadone clinics, with 90% of the patients being between ages 18-24. And we are not the worst in the state by far. We have multiple towns where 80% of the total population is either an active, or recovered addict. This should tell you something about how powerfull this drug is.
I would know, I'm a recovering addict who used for four years. It starts as a fun thing to do at parties for $5-$10 a pop, but before you know it, you can't stop. I thought I would be fine, but I ended up doing over $1'500 a WEEK. I made $1,000 a MONTH. Try to figure out how that works.
by beforeskin August 27, 2008
Mrs. White
Keller and kasey were in mrs. white's awesome Green M&M class

...and keller loves kasey more
by Kellerloveskasey August 16, 2010
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