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Green Lake is a lake situated in Rotorua, New Zealand, resting between Blue Lake, and Lake Tawarewa. The Maori name for the lake is Lake Rotokakahi.

Another alternative name for Green Lake is the 'Lagua del Theviere', or translated literally into the 'Lake of Thieves'. This name was given by the Spanish explorer, Pedro Martinez III in 1812, who named it after the Maori people, who are essentially thieves, burglars, and robbers.

Currently, taxpayers are not allowed easy access to Green Lake because of the Maoris. However this is not a major problem as access would cause victimisation to the taxpayer, by way of theft, robbery, rape, graffiti and whinging about Tangater Fenua.
"Hey, I went down to the Lagua del Theviere the other day"

"The Green Lake?"

"Yes, hence why I have no shoes, empty pockets and a black eye"
by Refreshment Boxx April 03, 2010
A fabulous neighborhood in Seattle with a great environment and a famed basketball court. Also, a drink created my Ben Davis using 5 part green powerade and 1 part vodka.
"Hey, let's go to Greenlake, it's such a great area" or "Gimme another Greenlake, dem things are so good!"
by Ben Davis October 05, 2005
small wisconsin tourist town thats only entertainment is beer and the lake
Get me out of Green Lake!
by raebaby_09 March 06, 2009
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