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A term used to describe ones "virginity" per say, when it comes to the act of smoking marijuana. Just like an actual "cherry" green cherries can be "popped" in the since that once the Green Virgin smokes marijuana, they are no longer a green virgin. When a pothead pops, or knows he/she is about to pop a green cherry, a sense of great satisfaction comes over him/her.
Stoner.1: Dude i'm gonna pop cassidys green cherry!
Stoner.2: Wtf nigga?!?! She's like what 13?
Stoner.1: Dumbfuck i mean she's never toked and im bout to blaze her ass out! I'm exited as shit because i havent popped a green cherry in like a year.
Stoner.2: Alright i dont give a fuck.
by Curtiskanabyss June 12, 2010