Homosexual anal intercourse. Essentially, the Occidental counterpart of 'Punjabi Sex' in India. To be distinguished from the 'Irish Way' or 'Hindi Sex', which connote heterosexual anal copulation.

The predeliction for sodomy among Greek males is a consequence of the naturally small size of the Greek Penis. In fact, the Hellene measures at the lower end of the scale for the already modest Caucasian Penis, right down alongside the Irish Penis, the German Penis & the Indo-Aryan Penis (esp. the Punjabi Penis). This makes it difficult for Greek men to satisfy their women, as the small Grecian Penis is unable to provide either the friction required for vaginal orgasm, or the deep penetration necessary for uterine orgasm. As a character in Li Yu's work notes, "Vesperus explained that women differed from boys in preferring the large {penis} to the small." 'The Carnal Prayer Mat' Li Yü. tr. Patrick Hanan. Univ Hawaii Press, 1996, p 121. In other words, the flexible vagina prefers being stretched by a large member, while the typically constricted anus can only accept a mid-sized member at best.

Hence Greek women typically deny vaginal sex to their own menfolk, restricting them to anal sex. Meanwhile Greek men, in order to escape female criticism about their diminutive phallic dimensions, often abandon themselves to homosexuality.

For the same reasons 'cornholing' is preferred by men & women across Ireland, Germany & North India (esp Punjab).
1) "The Greek Way. Anal intercourse, sodomy. So-called because homosexuality was the prevalent sexual norm in ancient Athens, though 'The Greek Way' today may be heterosexual as well. Note the contrast between this & The Irish Way, below." - 'How to Hate Thy Neighbor: A Guide to Racist Maledicta' Merritt Clifton. Maledicta {ed: Reinhold Aman. Waukesha: Maledicta Press} vol 2 No 1 & 2 (1978) 149-174: 158

2) "Greek culture; Greek love; Greek style; Greek way. noun. anal sex. US, 1967

* 'Roman', 'Greek' & 'Egyptian' love are, respectively, heterosexual, homosexual & bestial or sado-masochistic. - William & Jerrye Breedlove, Swap Clubs, p 58, 1964" - 'The Routledge Dict. of Modern American Slang & Unconv. English' Tom Dalzell. NY: Rout. 2009, p 458

3) "Greek love, style or way (US slang) anal sex" 'The Chambers Dict.' All Ch. N Delhi: Allied Chambers 1998, p 704

4) "The slang of many European languages uses 'Greek' as a synonym { p 156 } for anal sex, sometimes euphemistically, sometimes insultingly, as in 'doing it the Greek way' or 'Greek love'. In circumstances where the English will ... tell someone to go away by saying 'Bugger off', the French will say, 'Allez se faire foutre (or voir or mettre) chez le Grecs," go & fuck like the Greeks ... The supposed preference of Greek men for anal sex with their girlfriends (virgins in front & martyrs behind) & wives is also a source of jokes." - 'Jokes & Targets' Christie Davies. Bloomington: Indiana Uni Press 2011, p 156
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza July 01, 2012
Top Definition
1.The alternative route to a destination other than the main route, also known as the "back way"

2. An entrance other than the front entrance
There is too much traffic, lets take the Greek Way
by Scud13 September 25, 2012

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